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Whitehaven Plantation has been in the Lucas family for over 100 years. Snuggled in the middle of South Carolina, this century-old plantation is home to some of the world’s rarest horses - the Egyptian Arabian. Egyptian Arabians comprise less than 3% of all Arabian horses in the world, and are known for their beauty, intelligence and versatility.

Whitehaven Plantation (named after David Lucas's ancestral roots in Whitehaven, Cumberland, United Kingdom) boasts two barns, more than 200 acres of land, a covered arena, jump course and breeding facilities. At any time, the farm averages 35 to 40 horses on the property, half of them being straight Egyptian Arabians owned by Whitehaven. Three Whitehaven Egyptian Arabian stallions stand at stud, and many customer-owned horses also live at the farm for training.

Whitehaven Egyptian Arabians and it's boarders excel at nearly everything, from halter to western pleasure, flat racing to sport horse events. They win dressage tests, show hack classes, combined training, hunter and at endurance rides. They succeed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Whitehaven Plantation is currently accepting a limited number of Horses in training for the upcoming show season. Whether your interest lies in halter, performance, or endurance, we can tailor a program to fit your needs. We are also accepting bookings for the farm’s three outstanding Straight Egyptian stallions.